Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fwd: New app helps people with vision loss take notes on Apple mobile devices- Yeah, not so much.

I recently purchased Access Note from the American Foundation for the Blind. It is an iPhone application meant to tke the place of traditional braille notetakers.
I apreciate the work of the AFB, but I do not like this appication. The application is a perfect example of ghetto blindness technology.
There are mainstream note applications that have limited amounts of accessability. Here's a product marketed to the blind and the institutions that suppor the blind. It's an inferior app in its customizability and it's three times the price. Here's another annoyance- the application provides only limited functionality when using a braille display. If I am going to purchase an app from the AFB, that is meant to be a notetaker, I'd kind-of expect that it would be the gold standard in braille notetaking. Disappointing. type="cite">

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