Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Top 10 most used iPhone Apps

It's been a long time since I wrote about apps I like on the iPhone. Here are my current favorites. 1. Did you know that you can podcast the news these days? I use a podcast catcher (podcatcher) called Downcast to watch The Today Show, MSNBC's Rachael Maddow, and ABC's Nightline. Downcast is a powerful client for iOS. Check it out here. 2. TweetList is my favorite way to engage in the land of Twitter. 3. The Fisher Price Chatter Telephone is Jean's favorite way to pass the time on the train. The app says it's for 2-5 years, but I think that rateing may be based on if you leave them alone with your phone, and with toddlers, is that ever a good idea? Jean is 14 months. The app uses both the phones built-in motion detection and the touch screen. The age thing doesn't sound exactly right because my kid has nearly figured out the app already and like I said, she's only 14 months. It's been the source of some great fun for baby and me. 4. DropBox keeps your files on your computer in sinc on your iPhone. It's also great for shareing files with others. 5. Plane Text is great for takeing notes or keeping track of long lists. The app creates text files that save directly to Dropbox. You can save notes to spacific folders or to the Plane Text default folder. What is great about Plane Text is how simple it is. It just works. 6. Omoby is another one of those apps that just works well. Omoby is a free reference design that showcases IQ Engines' image recognition capabilities. With oMoby installed on your iPhone you take a photo of an object and Omoby will tell you what it is. Great for recognizing paper currency,reading common street signs and reading flavors off of ice cream containors. 7. Todo is how I get things done. 8. Astrology Zone is how I read my horoscope. 9. Amazon for iPhone is so great. Some days when I have only 10 minutes between appointments I can literally go diaper, toiletpaper and dog food shopping all at once, and on the go. 10. is a personal finance app. I love it. Mint helps me track my spending and gives suggestions for finding saveings. What are your favorite iPhone apps? Feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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