Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Howard Stern ties up Escape Artist Michael Griffin - Video Dailymotion

I have enjoyed Howard Stern for many years. He has a reputation for being a jerk. I have always found him to be misunderstood. He's satire and he pushes the envelope. I apreciate that.
Now that he's on NBC's America's Got Talent I can't get enough.
I don't get cable. Accept for being a day late, there's no need to. I see the shows on NBC.COM plus NBC is putting so much great premium content on-line.
Besides Howard, I must admit, I love the sound of Sharon Osburne's voice.
I'm not all that impressed with the so called talent in many of the acts, or at least I think I thought there'd be more raw talent on display.
Season VII of AGT is my first time watching a talent show since my sister and I used to watch Star Search. I'm no expert. I do really enjoy the relationships between the three judges. America's Got Talent _ Escape Artist Michael Griffin - Video Dailymotion

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