Thursday, October 27, 2011

To RTC Discount Cardholders from BART:

BART is moving away from paper tickets to Clipper. Here’s what you need to know:  Red tickets will continue to be sold but only at 9 locations.  BART faregates will always accept Red tickets.  Clipper is the most convenient way to pay discount fares.  Your RTC Discount Card is also a Clipper card so you’re ready to make the move now! Once you get the hang of it, you’ll see that paying by RTC/Clipper is easier than dealing with Red tickets. And, of course, you’ll get the 62.5% discount each time you take a trip! Here’s how: First, you need to load money on your RTC Discount Card. Use cash or credit or debit card.  You can do this at ticket vending machines in all BART stations.  Or, you can call or go on-line to Clipper Customer Service. Now, you’re ready to use your RTC Discount Card to pay your fare.  As you enter and exit, touch your card to the Clipper disk on the faregate. It’s the raised round blue disk on top. If you’re using the accessible gate, you’ll find the disk to your right on the side of the faregate.  As you exit, check the faregate display. You’ll see the discount fare paid and your card balance. What you’ll love best about using your RTC/Clipper card:  You can put money on your card in BART stations. No more searching for a vendor that sells Red BART tickets before you make a trip.  You can add whatever amount works best for you instead of being limited to a set denomination Red BART ticket. And, you can use cash or credit or debit card and order by phone or on-line, too.  You’ll never have to deal with leftover tickets again.  You can check the card balance at any ticket vending machine before you start the trip and add money if you don’t have enough.  You’ll know the true fare for each trip you take since your card will be charged the 62.5% discount fare as you exit. You can get in-station help from a BART Station Agent or you can call the BART Transit Information Center (510 465 2278) or Clipper Customer Service (877 878 8883), or go online to or RTC Discount Cards are issued to individuals with qualifying disabilities. Call your local transit agency for an application.

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