Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Statewide Needs Assessment Now Availible

The California State Independent Living Council recently published an interesting document, the 2009 Statewide Needs Assessment.
The document can be downloaded in either English or Spanish from the California SILC's website: http://www.calsilc.org/needs_assessment.html

Here is a tidbit I found interesting, "The U.S. Census’ Current Population Survey shows that 12.8 percent of non-institutionalized person aged 5 and older have a disability, and that roughly one in four (22.6 percent) of disabled individuals aged 18-64 lived in families with incomes below the poverty level. In addition, only 19.3 percent of Californians aged 18-64 with a work limitation were employed.
Given this context, the results show that people with disabilities in the Inland Empire and Central Valley are the most in need of services from ILCs, and that ILCs in the Central Valley have the greatest gap between need and services. Underserved minority and ethnic groups include Latinos, Native Americans, Asian Americans, and older adults with disabilities... ILCs, AAAs and other network providers have universally attempted to improve their ability to provide culturally appropriate services and have plans to increase their capacity to do so. Underserved disability groups include people with traumatic brain injuries and hard-of-hearing or deaf individuals, especially in Los Angeles and rural northern California. The top three unmet service needs begin with housing, transportation and health care needs, each stemming from poverty and limited supplies."

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