Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ten iPhone Apps I Can't Live Without

This is a list of my ten favorite iPhone Applications. I'd love to learn about others. What are your favorite iPhone apps?

1. Ever note for iPhone (
Not familiar with Ever note? Check it out; it's worth your attention. Ever note stores your text notes, voice recordings and photos in the cloud and allows you to access them from any device.

2. Audible for iPhone
As an avid reader, I spend a lot of money over at This application plays Audible books using an intuitive player that allows for bookmarking and enables full account access from your iPhone.

3. NOZBE (htttp://
I'm a big fan of David Allen's book, "Getting Things Done." Nozbe is a very powerful tool that incorporates GTD into an iPhone application that is both simple and fun. If you are a GTD cult member, as I am, you'll love Nozbe.

4. Drop Box (
This application stores your frequently used documents on the cloud and allows access from any device or computer.

5. Effin Genius for iPhone
Created by Melodeo, this is my favorite music application. It scans your current playlists and creates custom lists of new music. Unlike Pandora, this application uses your own music preferences and turns them into your personalized radio station.

6. iBooks for iPhone
I don't want to pay for a Kindle or lug another device around. I like to read new books right when they come out. I find Apple's iBooks incredibly accessible and easy to use. I love using it to read reference materials, especially cookbooks.

7. Jott for iPhone (
I love using Jott to add entries to my Google Calendar, record reminders to myself that are transcribed into text and to send quick messages to friends. Jott can also be used by calling a toll-free number. I have that number programmed into my iPhone favorites. Though I use the iPhone application for some functions, I primarily use Jott by calling the toll-free number and simply speaking my jott.

8. Echofon for FB and Twitter on iPhone
These are useful iPhone applications that make the Facebook and Twitter experience more streamlined. For me, Echofon is good when I want to take a quick look at something or create a quick post. I use Echofon in combination with both the native Twitter and Facebook applications. It's a little annoying to have 4 applications installed to manage FB and Twitter,yet it works for me.

9. Wikipedia for iPhone
Who doesn't love getting their hands on information quickly? This application does just that- searching Wikipedia for answers and allowing me to get caught in an endless web of curiosity. *I like it because it's fast!

10. LinkedIn (
I find the web interface on LinkedIn annoying, yet I use LinkedIn to keep up to date on my professional contacts. The iPhone application works great and there are none of those silly squiggle letters that pop up and insist on being identified.

An Honorable Mention
11. List Recorder (
This application made my list as an Honorable mention. I just downloaded it yesterday, and I like what I see so far. List Recorder is used to record lists on the iPhone without having to use your eyes.


Kevin Chao said...

Great list.
AroundMe, search for pOIs based on categories or name, have it presented by distance, bring up phone number or address;
Sendero LookAround, get the essential and useful information while one is out and about, heading, address, cross street, city and nearest POIs;
oMoby, visual search, object recognition, if the image is visible, it will be recognized, great for anything; Documents2, very handy and useful document viewer, which works with PowerPoint, Word, Excel and many other formats;
Echofon, great powerful and rich accessible twitter client;
TweetList, simple, innovative user interface and fantastic for twitter list;
Remember The Milk, task/to-do-list, which syncs with the cloud, twitter, email and just about anything, which allows one to classify items into folders, set priority levels, tags and so much more.

This is something I can go on forever about...
Please find me on twitter:

Jessie said...
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Jessie said...

Thanks. Great feedback! I love OMoby, I am SO glad to have learned about it.