Monday, August 9, 2010

VICTORY! Senate Unanimously Passes Technology Access Bill

Hey All, I want to tell you why I am so excited about the passage of this bill.

First off, internet based TV will now be required to provide closed captioning. It's about time, and that is really great.
Also, Emergency announcements on the TV ( such as tornado warnings) will be required to be accessible both to people who can't hear and to people who cannot see.

What's got me all excited however is the video description mandates that were included with this bill. Pre-George Bush Jr., there was a period of about 2 and 1/2 years where blind folks were able to listen to descriptive TV programming on all of the major national networks. Each network had to provide 4 hours a week of accessible content. George Bush's FCC appointments stopped that from continueing.
The passage of this bill re-instates the four hour mandate.
Hmmm, too bad this didn't happen during the last season of Lost. :)

JFActivist: VICTORY! Senate Unanimously Passes Technology Access Bill

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