Monday, August 9, 2010

(The following Information was provided by Bob Planthold)
Folks, this article's link shows up in the Fri., 6 August edition of the SF Examiner--and likely also in the other cities that publish the national correspondents for the Examiner. Columnist Byron York also writes for a magazine called "The Weekly Standard". SO, the column link below may mean this same article could show up in a future issue of The Weekly Standard.

Please read this, and especially focus on two paragraphs:

* the end of the third paragraph; and

* the beginning and the end of the fifth paragraph.

In both paragraphs, Mr. York criticizes various ADA-based accommodations being pushed by the US Department of Justice's Civil Right Division.

In the 3rd paragraph, he implies a question as to whether websites are
"public accommodations" when the head of the US DOJ Civil Rights office states an intent to have websites made accessible to those who are blind or have visual impairments.

In the fifth paragraph, he criticizes universities that delayed using Kindle readers until "fully accessible to all".

Mr. York is listed as the "chief political correspondent" for the Examiner chain.
As a NATIONAL correspondent, one might expect a greater familiarity with applicable law and / or an intent to inquire before making such claims.

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