Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jen and I ran the US Half Marathon today durring a high win warning, and We had fun!

Watch Jen and I finish the race
The race started at 7:00 at Ghirardelli square. At first the weather was fantastic.

The first four/five miles went round and up and down San Francisco streets, out to Chrissie Field and up onto the Golden Gate Bridge.
We did a beautiful little loop up in Marin and than made our way back across the bridge.
It started raining on our second pass over the bridge.
Those miles started ticking off a lot more slowly in the rain- even so- the course was pretty spectacular. We were so close to the water at one point that I was getting hit with huge splatters from the waves and the rain at the same time.
The course itself was also pretty challenging with several good sized hills and lots of terrain changes.
Mile ten seemed never to end. I had to push through a little runners wall at about mile 11.5.
Final hill in mile twelve felt like pure torture. Luckily, the last part of the race was all down hill and pure adrenalin!
We finished strong with a 2 hour 12 minute 2 second finish time.
Not a bad way to start the week.
Thanks Jen for running this race with me and to Adam for driving/supporting us this morning.

Check out the Online Race Results

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