Thursday, March 18, 2010

Freedom- Sent to me by a Good Friend

But the human spirit is like the dandelion growing in the garden. Chopped off at the ground, it will spring back up from a single hair root. True, what peeps up may be weak and tender. But it is alive. By God, it is alive and it will grow! The trick is to discover our own hair root, to cherish it, that blessed succulent amputated little root that's searching for the sun. That's me, that's you, that's us!
And how? The key to our freedom is embarrassingly obvious.
THE KEY: We need only give ourselves permission. We need only unlock our doors.
It is a curious sight, these people—we ourselves—locked in our closets with the key to our freedom clasped tightly in our fists. The key, of course, is permission, our permission to peer out of our closets, to step out—one step—to look around, to ask questions, to demand respect, to share our creativity, our ideas, to speak out, to search for love, to seek justice—to be.

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