Sunday, March 14, 2010

For the most part, kids with disabilities are invisible in primetime television - here is a chance to change that.

Please distribute widely to your networks and beyond:

Bonaza Productions, Inc. is hosting an open casting call for a new NBC Television pilot created by and starring Paul Reiser (Mad About You). They are going the extra mile in conducting an extensive search for a 10 – 13 year old boy who is a wheelchair user to audition for the role of Paul’s son Zeke.

Zeke is described as a sweet, funny, intelligent kid who has a positive outlook. He loves sports, music and everyone he meets including adults. He also remembers everything and is very inquisitive, though he can also become focused, anxious and obsessive about things. The character has also used a wheelchair since he was young, so the casting agents are only looking for boys who use a wheelchair. The online search is now open and continues through Friday, March 19, 2010. Production for the pilot will take place in Los Angeles over one week, starting April 7.

For more information or to submit an audition video, visit At this URL you can find useful tips to prepare the audition video that needs to be uploaded according the directions on at this URL.

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