Monday, February 15, 2010

It's all about the journey!

I love telling people about Mobility International USA (MIUSA) because my 1998 trip to Costa Rica changed how I think about myself. It was great!
I love MIUSA! I have been involved with the organization since 1998 when I traveled to Costa Rica for an exchange trip with a group of young people with disabilities.
We lived in Costa Rica for 31 days. While I was there I was expected to do a job to help my MIUSA group function better.
I was the attendant for a woman who couldn't walk. Her name is Kerri.
Kerri and I lived with a Costa Rican family. You know what Kerri's job was? She was my guide.
Sometimes we went out together without anyone else and the Costa Ricans would literally just flock around us and lift her wheelchair off of curbs and up onto the sidewalk on the other side. (Yes, they let us out alone. LOL)
Next someone else would guide me back over to my friend. Talk about an amazing adventure.
Another time my deaf friend and I went to buy a deck of playing cards. Between my limited spanish, my friend's gestures and quite a lot of busseling about we managed to purchase playing cards. It took us over 30 minutes to communicate effectivly with the store clerk.
My friend Frank and I put braille on the deck of cards.
Later that night our friend Julie beat everyone at 5 card draw.

My Costa Rica exchange was Tons of fun. I made life-long friends.
+We all got to practice our Spanish!

Another Costa Rica Exchange trip is planned for summer 2010. Please encourage cool young people to apply!

U.S./Costa Rica: Cross-Cultural Perspectives
on Disability Rights Leadership Exchange Program
June 16 - July 1, 2010
San Jose, Costa Rica!

Check out the web site:— Mobility International USA - MIUSA

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