Thursday, February 18, 2010

3DTV Will Make You Go Blind

Now it's my turn to weigh in on the buzz around 3DTV and blindness.
People fear blindness.
Fear rather than science is why news stories like these often get top billing.
A need for more research, particularly in children, is certainly needed, and that said, there is a lot more hype here than science.
Science has shown us that our brains are very adaptible. The likelyhood of Developing permanent vision loss from 3DTV is doubtable.
Your brain will learn the difference between visual data with 3D glasses on and will adjust your visual perception when you have them off. I've had my brain studied in an FMRI machine and I learned a lot from that experience. Like many folks with vision loss my visual cortex lights up when I read and write braille.
This doesn't mean that my brain is special- it simply means that our brains are smart enough to wire themselves for optimal performance.

ThoughI am in favor of building a stronger political base of people with disabilities, I just don't see this one panning out. :)
Take it from me, being blind isn't so bad. Being blind is also not about darkness and light.
The fact is, when you close your eyes or put on a blindfold you are not, "putting yourself in my shues."
My brain has learned to respond to the environment around me in ways that maximize my ability to take in information in various forms.
Your brain does this as well.

I am humbled by this amazing computer, the gray one that lives between our ears.

BOL Podcast- 3D Will Make You Go Blind

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