Monday, December 7, 2009

4 Hours 31 Minutes 33 seconds Baby!

I think I have found a new way to pass the time... That's right, marathons.
I had so much fun yesterday I can't wait to do it again!
Jen and I arrived at the start line yesterday at about 6:30. It was 39 degrees out and windy. That song, "Go the Distance," by Cake was playing when we crossed the start line. That is my new theme song.

We wore garbage bags for the first 3 miles to keep warm, but 39 degrees is 39 degrees. It was COLD!
Jen and I each hold onto a tether (my half folded cane) and our hands felt frozen to the cane for much of the race.
That said, it was still amazing to run 26.2 miles whith 7000 other people. I've never experienced anything like it.
The roads were closed and people cheered uss on along the rroute. There were live bands and cheerleaders. There were lots of water, sports drink and Goo stops.
Jen and I had really set out just to finish. This was her first marathon. It was my first as well. Guiding me is no picnic, particularly with so many people crowded around us running... We were shooting for a 5 hour 15 minute finish time.
Well, it was REALLY cold! We started running at 7:00 and didn't stop for four hours, thirty one minutes thirty three seconds when we crossed the finish line.
It was pretty easy to pace ourselves because race organizers call out your gun time each time you cross a mile marker. Our mile times are remarkibly consistent given that we didn't go into the race with this as our focuss. I found the extra information each mile very helpful.
I have ten blistors on my feet. Jen got a little sick after the race from working so hard. Even so, we're both surprizingly injury free and we're both pretty proud of our time.
I am thinking about getting a team of female runners together for the next CIM.
Any takers? is the web site. You can search for our times by entering my last name or bib #3869.

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