Thursday, January 1, 2009

David Allen's new book

David Allen's first book, "Getting Things Done," (GTD) has helped me to create systems to stay organized. I use Allen's 43 folder system and keep a project and next action list that I review each day. The most importent thing I learned from the GTD book is to look at projects in terms of the next action. What is the next action I can take to move this project forward? Often times this is a lot less daunting than thinking of the entire project. I am currently reading David's new book, "Ready for Anything," and I am already learning new concepts about productivity, but I don't feel ready to write about them just yet...
Omar Gallaga, who covers technology culture for the Austin American-Statesman, says the fundamental tenet of GTD is to "get things out of your head and into a trusted system."

"The whole philosophy behind it is if you clear these things out of your head that are constantly rolling around in there and cluttering things up, that you will have what David Allen calls a mind like water — everything will calm down and you will have time to think about deeper things and find deeper connections within your life,"

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