Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rings and Running

Wow! I got my Paralympic ring in the mail today!Way cool! I upgraded it and since we won gold it says Gold Medilist on it. What a cool way to end thee year.
There might be a photo of the Paralympic rrings here:
O.C. TannerCommemorative U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Team Rings www.octanner.com

Yesterday I ran three miles with a new guide runner. It was so great to be able to run with another person again! Jen is my new runners name and she and I have about the same running pace. It can be pretty hard to find a good guide runner. Some people run at different paces. Some times it is just hard to guide someone who cannot see- when running one is guiding at a faster speed. I am a force to begin with- this is even more true when I am running.
I am really happy to havve an option that gets me off the tredmill and into the street! For me, there is nothing like running. I love the freedom of motion I get when running free, through space.

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