Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Please Help Us Support BORP

Tom and I will be attending BORP's annual  fund raiser on October 4. Tom
will be riding and I will be speaking later in the day. Bay Area Outreach
and Recreation Programs have been instrumental in helping me to realize my
paralympic dream of gold. This event is something we have done as a couple to support the work of a great organization- BORP!
The following is Tom's ask letter. Please help us raise funds for BORP.

 Dear Friends and Family,

Please join me in helping to support BORP!

On Saturday October 4, I will be riding in my third consecutive Borp
Revolution cycling fundraiser.

The Bay Area Outreach Recreation Program (BORP) provides athletic
opportunities to kids and young adults with disabilities.

BORP participants defy statistics. Over the past 10 years, 98% of BORP's
youth alumni have graduated from high school. Over 80% have gone on to
college. Over 70% are employed. These statistics are in sharp contrast with
national data on disabled populations, and are particularly impressive given
the fact that the majority of there participants come from low-income

Over the last several years, BORP has been a great asset to Jessie as she
pursued her dream of a Para-Olympic gold metal.  As many of you probably
know, last week, Jessie earned that gold medal at the Beijing Paralympic
games.  As she stood on the podium listening to our National Anthem, I
thought about all those Borp practices in the old Berkeley gym.

I have worked with this organization in various capacities over the years,
and they truly deserve your support.

Please help me support BORP!

To visit my fundraising page click on the link below.

ActiveGiving.com Donations

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