Monday, September 8, 2008

Stories from China

I will take lots of memories with me from our time here in china including the following-
My assistant coach traded a pin with the Chinese escort that travels with our team. The pin was Mickey mouse and said usa.we call our escort bob. Bob
turned the pin over and asked, did you get this here?
The back of the pin had the words made in china written on it.
We had a tough time explaining the life cycle of the Mickey mouse pin.

Tom and my mom and Sam saw both of our games so far. One of the highlights of my trip so far was visiting with them after our Denmark game this morning.
I had not seen tom for 2 weeks and that means I also missed his birthday on September 5. I called the hotel where tom was staying and tried to get flowers
delivered to toms room. He arrived on the 5th. The hotel could not do flowers but they offered to put a birthday cake in his room instead. When I tried
to pay for it the hotel refused to take any money. I did get a service to deliver flowers and a heard of 6 people showed up to make the delivery. The flowers
were in a vase the size and shape of a trash can.

Mostly I am struck by the way china has embraced the Paralympics.
More later.

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