Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Got to Play Well Against Brazil

Tough loss to China last night. Now we've got to go and get Brazil this evening at 9:00.
It is never fun to lose, and at the same time there are no weak sisters in this fight.
In order to stand on top we are going to have to earn our spot.
The crowd was incredible last night. They really came out for the home team. The 5000 seat venue was nearly sold-out. (though most seeing people in my delegation think there are only 3000 seats- not 5000) The roughly thirty people there for the USA had to work extra extra hard to be heard.
The crowd even did the wave durring half-time! Can you immagine a crowd like that turning out in the states for Goalball?
We really need this win against Brazil.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Aerial here, I have been closely following your progress and am rooting for you and the mens goalball team too. If you see the guys tell them the rowing lady from the NFB conference says hi. I am following the rowing closely, and the finals are tomorrow. Lisamaria and I commiserated about not being in Beijing last Friday. Kick butt and bring home the gold!