Tuesday, September 2, 2008

China has really gone all out. The village is really nice. There is an entertainment zone with games, movies and even a great goalball paralypic poster! In athens the sidewalks were all uneven and it was almost impossible for me to get a good line of travel- so i spent most of the time on someones elbow. China created a very modern village with easily navigable sidewalks- though I am still learning- I will ultimatly be able to travel in the village somewhat independently. The food court is incredible with mediterranean , asian, coldcut and cheese bars, a salid bar, a fruit station and a 24 hour mc donalds. It is a little tough because it is so crowded, but we will get into a groove. I like the cold cuts, fruit station and the salads.
I got a braille map of the village- very cool. I cannot get my laptop to work yet, so i am posting this from my cell phone.
Jackie and I are roommates. One of our electric outlets does not work and in our efforts to fix it I pushed some sort of panic button that caused a loud alarm to sound all over the building. There was security in our apartment within 45 seconds. Jackie said, "I don't know what that red button does. I'm afraid to push it." Well, I wasn't afraid to push it... Moral of the story? Don't push red buttons!
We are driving to our first practice right now and get to play on the actual game floor. Very tired and not sure if i am coming or going.

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