Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Brazile game ends in a draw

Tough game against Brazil last night. We wanted a win, but walked away with a draw. At least it wasn't a loss.

Can't give up two goals at this level and expect to advance.

Those Brazil ladies played hard. They have been doing great in these games- upsetting Canada earlier this week.

Brazil has a great goalball program. They are funded by Visa Card International. They are one of two countries lobbying for a smaller ball in women's goalball.

The argument is that a smaller ball would speed up the game. Women's Goalball used to be played with a smaller ball, but it was discontinued in the late 80's.

I am strongly against a smaller ball and all of the female athletes at the athletes meeting on Saturday were as well.

As the center for Germany said, "I don't want to play a game like the men- I want to play women's goalball."

I sure wouldn't want a smaller ball. Our game is changing and the number of strong throwers is only increasing. A Smaller ball would be launched like a cannon ball.

You USA players out there, can you imagine what a smaller ball would do to one of Jen, Asyia or Lisa's throws? Think about catching that with your fingertips... My fingers are too important to me. I read with them.

it is already hard to find club teams to practice goalball.

Having two balls could limit sports opportunities for women even more.

Youth teams might benefit from a smaller goalball, but leave the women's game as it is.

Those of you who play goalball, I encourage you to add your name to the International Blind Sports Association Goalball Subcommittee Database.

This is a Good way to stay up to date on proposed rule changes to the game. Go to:

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