Saturday, August 9, 2008

Stabbing in Beijing

There was a very sad event in Beijing today. The father of the mens volleyball coach was killed while touring the city. It is thought that this is a random, isolated atac, but it is still under investigation. We had a short security briefing tonight and I learned that Beijing is safer than most large US cities.
According to this article in the Washington Post, Beijing, a city of 17 million, is generally safe, and few residents fear walking alone even in the middle of the night. It is illegal for private Chinese citizens to own guns."

In Beijing, Parents Of Ex-Player Are Stabbed; One Dies -
My heart goes out to the families dealing with this tragity.

I am not sure exactly how best to transition here... This morning at 6:15 we were
Drug tested. I am really not a fan of peeing in front of strangers- particularly first thing in the morning...
I was tested seven times in a twelve month period not so long ago. Even so, it is always a little wierd and I've never quite gotten used to it.

We had two long practices today. The practices were Ok. I have a shoulder injury that was giving me trouble in the first part of July. I've been resting it for almost three weeks. I am so glad I did what I was told and rested it, because it is not impacting my game and is almost back to feeling normal. The bar is high- just as it should be right now. We are all pushing ourselves, tweaking little things in the game and preparing to compete to be the best in the world at something.

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