Friday, August 29, 2008

President Bush Announces Presidential Delegation to the Paralympic Games

We had a three hour long practice this morning followed by a long run. I had a good practice. I have to remember that I play best when I have had a good nights rest and when I do my Neuro-linguistic programming
exercises both the night before and just before practice. I did some NLP last night and this morning- it helps me play with a lot more focus. Basically, I remind myself of the best games I have had and transpose those images, feelings, and that inner dialogue into my current game.
I ran intervals today. I love to run- almost as much as I love playing goalball!

Spent the afternoon doing last minute shopping and marking my uniforms.
We have red, white and blue uniforms and each has a corresponding pair of shorts. I am sure that my teammates get very tired of me asking what color things are so I put 1 small safety pin in my red uniform, two pins in the white ones and three pins in the blue uniforms.
I have a machine at home called a ColorTest Talking Color Analyzer
that tells me what colors things are. It cost a lot and I didn't want to lose it. In addition the color tester is really only accurate about 75% of the time, and though that is better than I can do on my own, it is pretty annoying when the color tester says an article of clothing is one color and I discover that it is another. Sometimes low-tech systems are the best solutions.

Here is an interesting news blurb:
President Bush Announces Presidential Delegation to the Paralympic Games
President George W. Bush announced today the designation of a Presidential Delegation to attend the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympic Games in Beijing,
China on September 6, 2008. The Honorable James B. Peake, M.D., Secretary of Veterans Affairs, will lead the delegation. Members of the Presidential Delegation
are: The Honorable Clark T. Randt, Jr., United States Ambassador to the Peoples Republic of China Mr. Kirk Bauer, Executive Director, Disabled Sports USA
Ms. Jean Driscoll, Paralympic Gold Medalist (Track) Lieutenant Colonel Gregory Gadson, United States Army Mr. Kevin Szott, Paralympic Gold Medalist (Judo)
Ms. Trischa Zorn, Paralympic Gold Medalist (Swimming)

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