Thursday, August 21, 2008

Paralympic Press Clippings

My favorite article is about the South African amputee.
One-legged swimmer takes to Olympic waters - "now it's time to compete. And when Du Toit takes off her prosthetic left leg Wednesday to vie for a medal in the first open water race in Olympic history, she'll surely be swimming for everyone who's ever struggled with a disability, been told they can't do something, experienced being shuffled off to be with their own kind."

My #2 pick: China Revamps Paralympics Guidebook
Date aired: June 24, 2008
China just revamped its handbook for volunteers at the Paralympics. U.S.
disability rights activist Helen McCabe weighs in on the revised wording
and the role of the Paralympic Games in the disability community.

China Revamps Paralympics Guidebook : NPR

Thumbs down: Hmmm, someone spent money to study this???
Title: Blind athletes make the same gestures as the sighted after a victory
by Clara Moskowitz

The pose of a champion is innate, study finds - Behavior-

I am Looking forward to opening ceramonies- I hope there is some audio discription.
Director: Paralympics opening to highlight value of life - The Official Website
of the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games

Ok, true confessions: Like the mayor, I was really afraid I'd start my hair on fire when I carried the torch in April. In the training the day before the run they told us not to use hairspray and that, "people start their hair on fire when running with the torch all the time." I started my fingernails on fire once- my hair and eyebrows too, I'd like to be able to say that all of these happened when I was a child, but I can't. (smile)
Vancouver's quadriplegic mayor to carry torch in Beijing Paralympic Games | - Canada - Features

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