Thursday, August 14, 2008

An Olympic Lift to U.S.-China Relations - Brookings Institution

An Olympic Lift to U.S.-China Relations - Brookings Institution: "The greatest opportunity at hand right now, though, is for the 20,000 foreign journalists converging on Beijing, many of whom are fanning out across that country, to see and to report on China in its vast fullness. A broader and more nuanced portrayal of China in the media is critical to the enhancement of Americans' understanding as well as to progress by policymakers.
Remember that 30 years of evolution in China – away from a totalitarian government and toward a market economy – date back to another grand event televised to the world: President Nixon's historic visit to China, which included iconic images of the Nixons at the Great Wall. May the Olympic Games, with all their pomp and drama, break down the walls of misapprehension and further integrate China into the global community – for the good not only of the US and China, but for the world."

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