Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Official USA Goalball Page. A page created by USA goalball players.

This is a great web site created by John Mulhurn- a former paralympian. I really like that it was created by folks who play goalball for the community of goalball players in the USA.
The Official USA Goalball Page. A page created by USA goalball players.
Today was pretty overwhelming. We did the apparel part of processing. I received a complete set of luggage, more clothes than I know what to do with, ordered my Paralympic ring, got my pins for trading, and am honored, grateful and exhausted. Did you see what the female USA athletes wore in the opening ceramonies of the olympics? That is what we will wear as well. Huge thanks to our sponsors, Nike and Ralph Lauren.
All told the package of apparel cost just over $4500.
I upgraded my ring to 10 karat (harder metal than 14) and added diamonds to the top of the ring.

This morning we practiced again and I went for another run. I am keenly aware that it is the little things that we do that will make the difference between gold, silver or bronze. This morning coach worked the team until we were exhausted, made us do the perfect game sprint drill and than we threw penalty shots. This was to simulate a shootout. When a game ends in a shootout it means that there have been two regulation halves and two overtime halves- in an anaerobic sport. Translation- it can be pretty grueling by the end, yet that is when those perfect shots matter most.
The team has a sponsor- and we'll be using their products to help us gain more of a competitive edge. Recovery drinks and eating is really important during competition- Pure Sport has a great track record of having great product- and the drug testers and sports med. folks both like it too!

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