Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Meet The Players

Jaclyn Barnes  

Jackie, #6, is the youngest member of our team- though quite possibly the smartest. Jackie is in school and plans to be an engineer.

Lisa Banta  
#3 Lisa epitomizes the word character. When there is someone who needs a kind word Lisa finds a way to say it. When it is best to say nothing, Lisa keeps her lips sealed.

Asya Miller  

#4, Asya has taught me about courage- she is not afraid to be seen nor heard. Asya keeps the team honest.

Robin Theryoung
#5 Robin is a woman who was born with true class. Her sence of style has ensured that I have dressed well on many a team outing.

Jen Armbruster
#1 Jen Is our team Captin. Jen is kind-of like an elephant in that she never forgets a statistic, rule or the spacifics of a past goalball game. Make it so #1!

It is a true honor to be associated with each of these ladies. Go Team USA!

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Anonymous said...

lol! Hey Jessie! It's your teammate, Robin. So does that mean I'm your official clothing guru from now on? So I was bored at work and came accross your blog--and I'm definitely entertained. I especially enjoyed your podcast of our "who do we play for" cheer. And your excitement is getting me excited--something I've been keeping pushed down while I struggle to settle into balancing my new full-time job and training as the games draw closer. I definately can't wait though. And we're gonna rock it Jessie!