Thursday, August 21, 2008

Joe D'Ambrosio, athlete with a disability

This show host gets a little too stuck in disability as tragity- eye roll... It can be a tough thing for me - educating people that I am not all that incredible nor tragic because I can't see. The cool thing about me is that I have passion for my sport and I will soon have a chance to prove I'm one of the best in the world at it.
My dream of being a Paralympic gold medalist is now within my reach and it is only because I have a fantastic team of players and supporters around me. The rest is tallent, luck and a lot of hard work.
Blindness is always a part of me, and at the same time, blindness is simply a characteristic. When I feel sad about being blind it is never because I want to be sighted. I feel sad some times because sighted people tend to see my life in extremes. I am neither tragic nor a hero. I'm just me.
In this radio show Paralympic cyclist Ron Williams joins Joe to talk about hitting the roads in Greater Hartford before heading to the Beijing Paralympic Games, Sept. 6-17."
WTIC News/Talk 1080 - Joe D'Ambrosio with Ron Williams: "

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jessie
I'm not usually one to comment on blogs and things, but I really have wanted to read what you were thinking and experiencing so close to Beijing.

Usually I'd keep my opinion soundly to myself... but this particular entry strikes a huge cord with me. It's ridiculous... at Rowan there are CONSTANTLY people who either think I'm some kind of world wonder... or else a hopeless, helpless tragedy. I think it's something most people with disabilities go through... (not that I'd know for sure...) but that doesn't make it any more or less tolerable. Anyway, I kind of wanted to give props for what you said... because you just described the life story of myself and so many others.

I hope the rest of your pre-Beijing experiences are fantastic and that you have an incredible time in china. We'll all be rooting for you guys here in the states!
--Danielle Larsen (NJ)