Thursday, August 28, 2008

I have been training at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs this week- doing several endurance workouts per day. The treadmill I've been using is like a tank. It can go up to 30 miles per hour and actually has built-in suspension! It cost almost $20,000 and is absolutely huge! What I bring to this team is my endurance. I am quick and fit. It has been really tempting this week to really push myself on the weights and bulk-up, but that would not be playing to my strengths. I count on most of my teammates to be strong enough to hurl the goalball through the other team. They count on me to be quick enough to keep the ball from scoring on us.

We started processing today. We received two bagsfrom our sponsors- one from Kleenex and the other from Tyson Foods. Kleenex bag is a great travel bag for toiletries and has lots and lots of Kleenex products for the trip to Beijing. The Tyson Food bag included a electric convertor, vacuum sealed chicken breast and a pot for boiling hot water.

The Hilton Family also donated blankets. Now I'll have two blankets while in Beijing.

I brought a blanket with me that was made by Bill Teal and his wife.

I wanted to have something familiar with me and I thought the blanket might bring good luck. Bill is the voice of goalball.

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