Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I believe i can fly

Last night asya, jen and i went to a concert in demver as part of the democratic convention. I stood along side thousands and listened to hillary give her speach last night. I cried a little because somehow it still feels like a mans world. Plus obama feels like a pepsi commercial to me- though in my social circle i have just committed blasfeme by saying that aloud... I will vote for obama. I hope everyone votes obama, and ihave not connected with him yet.
We saw thelma huston, russell wayneright, cindy lauper and melisa ethridge. The highlight was durring cindy laupers performance. She came into the crowd and i touched her shoulder. Asya took my hand and put it on laupers shoulder and there she was danceing and singing right beside me!
Thelma huston also sang a beautiful cover of the song i believe i can fly. That song stresses the importance of believing in your dreams. This is an important part of being successful, believing we will win gold.

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