Monday, August 18, 2008

Before the Paralympics- George Eyser

I read this great book called, "The History of the Olympics," by John Goodman. I learned about this man named George Eyser who won six metals in the 1904 games- including three that were gold!George was an amputee. In these same games African Americans competed in what was called, "Primal People Sports." In 1904 the games were dominated by white men. Over the years the games changed incramentaly to allow women, people of color and even people with disabilities to compete at the olympics.
The 2008 games garnered a bit of media attention due to double amputee, Oscar Pistorius.Ruling Halts Amputee Sprinter’s Olympic Bid - New York Times

In adition, Natalie du Toit is a South African swimmer at the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic games who is an amputee.

Learn more about my new friend George Eysar on Wikipedia: George Eyser - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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