Friday, August 8, 2008

While Watching the Opening Ceramonies

I left the house on the 4:15 shuttle this morning to travel to Colorado Springs for a goalball training camp. We practiced this afternoon. We practiced hard. This is the last official training camp before we compete in Beijing.
This evening we are watching the opening ceramonies. I can't wait to experience the walk around the nest in Beijing- what a true honor.
My parents and Tom can't get tickets to the Parolympic Opening ceramonies- even though they sent their passport clearance paperwork in in April. Tickets are $400 and up, it appears that there are no more tickets.
September 24, 2004 is the day we lost the gold medal to Canada. Now nearly four years later we will have the
opportunity to clench gold once again. Full Speed Streight Ahead! 110%!

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