Sunday, August 31, 2008

One hour until we leave

After athens I took 2 years off from goalball. After hearing Bill Teal broadcast the 06 world championships i was bit by the GB bug and decided to go out for the national team...
My goal was and continues to be that gold metal in beijing.
Coach told me in 06 that I was not going to walk my way arrogantly back on the team. I was not named to the official 07 team- though I traveled and trained with them. I was not named to the 08 team until the last weekend in april. I feel like I trained harder and play smarter because I had to work to earn my spot back on this team. Beijing here we come!
Our luggage has already left on a truck. We will pick it up in Denver. We fly from Denver to San Francisco and from SF to Beijing. We will travel with the Bochea and Table Tenis teams as well as mens goalball.
We learned about the blogging guidelines in place for athletes while in Beijing- sort-of interesting. I can write about my games, but I can't give the score. I can say who won, but only describe the game in terms of my personal experience. The blogs can't take the place of press reports.
I do find this a little ironic since there is very little US press coverage of the Paralympics to begin with. When we learned about handleing press conferences today as part of processing I learned that there are 18 media outlets from North America at the Paralympics. "You will be dealing mostly with forign press." was basically the message. I am going to be careful about blogging though, because the most importent thing to me is my team and our games- so don't expect to find any scores on this blog!

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